Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stay at the Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel

Hey, all you lighthouse enthusiasts, here's a bit of lighthouse news coming out of Point Montara, California. It seems the lighthouse at Point Montara is a lighthouse that used to be located at Wellfleet, Mass., which was taken down and thought to have been destroyed.

Well, researchers have now discovered that the lighthouse was never destroyed, but was actually moved clear across the country to Point Montara, 25 miles south of San Francisco.

Now, how you can loose track of a lighthouse is beyond me, but you an read more about it in this month's edition of Lighthouse Digest.

Why am I bringing this all up? Because I'm constantly asked "where are there lighthouses you can spend the night in?" Guess what? Point Montara's one of them. Point Montara Lighthouse is still being used as a navigational aid, but it's also a hostel, with guests staying in shared and private rooms in former Coast Guard quarters and the historic fog signal building. Amenities include cozy lounges, DSL Internet and free WiFi, on-site laundry, free parking, and an espresso bar. And, now, with this discovery, there's also the added history and mystery.

You can reserve a stay at the hostel by going to There is a reservations menu, and you will want to go to USA, California, Montara. If you wish to reserve a private room, you have to call (888) 464-4872, and dial #153 to be connected to the hostel.

Photo of Montara Lighthouse Hostel by Darin Barry,